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With this website we want to inform you about the different sorts of mattresses. Which mattress suits you best and what kind do you really need.

The average human being- subject to healthily and mobile - spends approximately a third part of its life sleeping. In our Western world that happens generally by sleeping on a mattress. The mattress is thus a very important element in our life. A mattress which does not do what it must do, has a negative influence on our night's rest and disturbs our functioning if we are awake. Certainly on the longer period!

Well sleep is not only a matter of having a good mattress. Also factors as ours physical and mental condition and the surroundings in which we sleep, play an important role. The quality of a mattress must be coordinated, thus on personal health - and comfort aspects over a longer period.

With this website we want to give you further information on the differences between the mattresses, and we give tips concerning which mattress the bests is for you!


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